Elopement - Micro Weddings
2021 and 2022 Fees 

  • Legals my office:   $300

  • Eloping - Micro:    $400

  • Intimate:               $460

More information

  • All the above includes -
    myself and briefcase, ceremony, all the legal paperwork and a Marriage Certificate (pretty one). Below is an explanation of the different costs.


  • Legals my office

    • Signing the legal paperwork in my office,​ max 6 people

  • Eloping - Micro

    • For couples who are romantics at heart.  At a venue of your choice​ or my office, Max 10 people, plus a beautiful ceremony

  • Intimate

    • ​For couples who want to share their love with special people, have no stress and within budget. At a venue of your choice​​,
      Max 25 people, plus a beautiful ceremony

Optional extras if needed...

Table & cloth $0

Microphone only $15

Bluetooth speaker $15

PA system $50 

Marriage Certificate from BDM $60


Bells & Whistles


Friday to Sunday

  • B & W Max 100 people:     $700

  • B & W over 100 people:     $850

Monday to Thursday        

  • B & W Max 100 people:     $560

  • B & W over 100 people:     $650

'More Information  

  • For couples who are wanting a larger wedding this package is just for you, no limits or restrictions.

  • Includes

    • PA system​

    • All legal paperwork

    • Beautifully designed ceremony

  • Optional Extras if needed

    • Marriage Certificate from BDM $60​

My commitment to you with present times of unpredictability, is that if the law allows me to create your wedding, I will, but if I can’t, we will need to find a new date that works for you and me without any extra costs involved.

How it all works the legalities...
Jesse_Kristin 1.jpg

Thankfully these days the paperwork is very simple to get married.

Contact me and book your date then...

  1. Complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) at least one month prior to your wedding date and have it witnessed by me or see the form of who else can witness your signatures and then you can just email the form to me instead but it is always nice to try and meet face to face if possible. 


  3. Documents that need to be sighted by me in person or via FaceTime,  zoom etc -

    1. Original birth certificate or passport​

    2. If applicable original divorce papers or death certificates

    3. If not in English they need to be translated by(NAATI)

  4. A non-refundable booking fee of  $200 needs to be paid when we do the Notice or within a week to secure your date/time/venue.


  6. Go to FAQ's for more information


  8. The cost of a Marriage Certificate from BDM is $60.00 and I can help you organise this if required.

Baby Naming - Renwal Vows - Funerals

Mother and a Child

Baby Naming

Wanting to name your beautiful child, this is a special way of involving those people that you love dearly

My fees $300

Gunter 1.jpg

Renewal Vows

Renewing your vows is a very special way to say I love you again and again

My fees start from $350

See photos below

Landscape Site Consultation


I have been a family celebrant to many couples from their wedding, baby naming and when needed organising a funeral with them.  

Renewal of Vows, Ben and Teressa - Married photo on left (10 years ago), renewed their vows on 10th Anniversary (Middle photo and right photo).  You look fabulous in your dress again, thank you for sharing such beautiful photos.