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You will tie the knot with a beautiful simple ceremony in my office or at your venue of choice.

Whether you are living in Australia or from overseas and want to 'get married' romantically with no fuss, with just the two of you or with a few guests.

  • $299 Legals only in my office
    (max 6 people)​


  • $399 - Monday to Friday 12pm only any venue 


  • $460 - Friday (after 12pm), Saturday and Sunday any venue​​​​

Just me and my briefcase
and under 18 people.

.Marriage Certificate from
Births Deaths & Marriage is $60


You will have all the 'bells and whistles' - design your own ceremony, with my help, enjoy a beautifully scripted ceremony with own vows, really setting the scene for the rest of your wedding day at any venue and with all your guests.

  • $499 - Monday to Thursday


  • $650 - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Sydney Weddings

  • $650 - Monday - Thursday

  • $895 - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

This package includes my PA system, microphone, able to play music through it.

Marriage Certificate from
Births Deaths & Marriage is $60



Thankfully these days the paperwork is very simple to get married.

  1. Contact me and book your date

  2. Complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) this is the form all couples need to complete to be allowed to marry in Australia. I will make it for you as there are 2 ways to do this, with me or get a JP to witness your signatures and send to me. And only one party needs to sign the NIM if that makes it easier..  
    This needs to be done at least 1 month before your wedding date.

  3. Documents that need to be sighted by me in person or electronically now -

    1. Original birth certificate or passport​

    2. If applicable original divorce papers or death certificates

    3. If not in english they need to be translated by (NAATI)

  4. A non refundable booking fee of  $200 needs to be paid when we do the NIM (or transferred) to secure your date/time/venue with me 

  5. Before ceremony do the last bit of legal paperwork  (sign a declaration)

  6. You will need a witness each to sign the marriage register etc on day of the ceremony

  7. After your ceremony I can apply for your marriage certificate from BDM.

Easy as 1, 2, 3


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